Program Note for Firmament Etudes

  1. Horizon’s Edge
  2. Colors from a Changing Sky
  3. Moonsprites

The first and last etudes in this triptych were written in response to the second etude, Colors from a Changing Sky, a work completed in 1994 for the San Antonio International Piano Competition.  Horizon's Edge and Moonsprites were completed in 1997 and written for pianists Audrey Andrist, Rafael Guerra, John Krebs, Max Lifchitz, and Carolyn True.  These works draw on material from the central movement, and elaborate on the programmatic theme.  The first etude is inspired by the rising sun, presenting a slow moving crescendo.  The second etude presents the turbulent and vivid images of a Texas storm.  The last etude reflects musical characters associated with light, but now with obvious programmatic connections to the title.